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Dear Sister: Take Care of Yourself!

Women play so many roles these days! We are mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, girlfriends, wives, business owners, doctors, teachers, lawyers and the list goes on and on. For me, I balance being lead teacher for my grade level and being a full time student. This at times can be very stressful but of course as women we always get the job done! Because we are stretched in so many different areas we must take care of ourselves! We are so many things for so many people that if we aren’t careful we will be trying to pour from an empty cup. Pouring from an empty cup is not beneficial for you are or any of the people that you are connected to.


What exactly is self care? Self-Care is different for different people! The ultimate goal is to make yourself a priority.  It’s taking time out to invest plenty of time, love and kindness into improving the quality of your life. It’s saying that if you’re not good mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually then you can’t be beneficial to anyone else!  Now if I’m completely honest I too have fallen short of self-care numerous times. Each time that I went past the due date for some personal TLC it never played out pretty for myself or those who are connected to me.


Now that I have more responsibilities I make a conscience effort to take care of Jessica! Last Saturday, I woke up made a smoothie full of protein, had some quiet time with God, cleaned up and went to get a pedicure! That all cost less than $50! Now to some of you that may seem very minute but for someone who Saturdays were usually full of classes from 11:45- 4:45 those small things were EVERYTHING to me! I felt so refreshed after just doing me and spending time with myself that I was so much better for those I interacted with the days following.  


Some other things I do to take care of myself are: journaling, drinking a glass of wine, playing my “When I forget who I am” playlist that I created and dancing around my apartment, avoiding people who complain all the time, try to stick to my bedtime during the week, getting my nails and feet done, buying myself something each pay period and of course daily affirmations!


Sis, whatever you do to take care of yourself, do it!! You are important and you deserve to take care of yourself but most importantly take care of the temple that belongs to God! There is something that you can do daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly to make sure you’re okay!

Below are some simple self-care tips that I found, that I think will be beneficial to us all!


  1. Stop Overthinking
  2. Meditate (I love the Abide App!)
  3. Surround yourself with positive people!
  4. Exercise (I’m still trying to discipline myself with this one!)
  5. Getting a hobby. (My new hobby is painting)
  6. Treat yourself to a “date”!
  7. Go to the spa!
  8. Put your phone on “do not disturb”!
  9. Eat more greens!
  10. Treat yourself to a bubble bath and a nice glass of your favorite drink!
  11. Create healthy boundaries!
  12. Write things that you are grateful for!
  13. Take a walk in the park!
  14. Burn Incense!


Jessica Jená

Comment and share what you do for self-care!


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