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    Single Ladies

    In part 1 of this two-part season finale Jess and her close friend Ashley discuss being single! Listen as they answer questions about how they handle being single, the hardest part about being single, what heartbreak taught them and the men they would like to thank for not seeing their worth! Plus a lot more!! Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and leave a comment! See you in December!

  • Inspiration,  Women Empowerment

    Dear Sister: You’re Not Alone!

    Oftentimes we get to a place where we wonder “God why us?” or “God, why not us?” It’s in those moments when we start to question everything! We unplug from the world hoping and praying that someone will notice that we really aren’t okay. The enemy is so conniving that he will really have you out here thinking that you’re the only one going through what you’re going through! And by doing that he keeps us isolated and keeps us from seeking help. The other day I came across the scripture that basically reminded me why I do what I do! 2 Peter 5:9-10 reminds us that the devil is…