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Hey Sis!

I am Jessica Jená affectionately known as Jess.

I’m a teacher, mentor, daughter, sister, friend and for most a dose of inspiration.

From the little girl being bullied in the 4th grade to the woman who just experienced her first heartbreak at 26, my fulfillment in life comes from pouring into the lives of others. I believe that God placed me on this Earth to be the light for broken women of my generation.

I want to help you (and myself) go from hurting in different areas of life to being whole and healed. Through this site, my podcast, books, social media platforms, videos and events I want God to use my experiences, mistakes, and journey to be the hope for women who don’t have it all together. In other words, I want you to remember that you aren’t alone in this journey called life!

Bonus Episode: April Affirmations

April 1, 2021

Women Empowerment?

March 31, 2021

Girl this week we are discussing everything from Starbucks to Derrick Jaxn’s wife. Jessica raises the question “are you really Women Empowerment or does it just sound good?” Ouch! Get into this week’s brand new episode and make sure to share it with a friend or two! Don’t forget to rate this week’s episode after you take a listen and tag both Jessica and Released Women on your stories if this episode resonates with you! Let’s stay connected! IG: Jessjessicajena/Released Women

Embarrassment Turned Lesson

March 24, 2021

Let’s be honest sis….the first quarter hasn’t necessarily gone as planned for a lot us. The beauty about a new quarter approaching is that we get to not necessarily start over but revamp what didn’t work for us in the first quarter! Today’s episode provides you with 5 things that you need to start doing today to make this upcoming quarter one of the best ones yet! Sis, stay connected! Instagram: jessjessicajena Instagram: Releasedwomen