Girl, Grow Up!


Hey sis,

So if I’m completely honest the past two years (this one especially) have been all about me growing up! I was put into situations that forced me to either choose my present self or my future self. The journey was scary, ugly, frustrating, confusing and beautiful all in one! So I say this from a place of love that sis it’s time to grow up! I’m finally at a place where I cant take accountability for how I feel, act, etc. I had to grow out of playing the victim and step outside of myself and ask “Jess what role did you play?” or “Jess how could you handled the situation better?” or my favorite one “Jess does this require a response?”

We should always be growing and evolving. If you have the same mentality, mindset, habits, etc. from last year, even a few months ago it maybe time to re-evaluate. Here are some jewels for you that I’ve picked up along the way on my journey of growing up.

  1. You don’t have to respond to everything.
  2. We get it sis, your’e single! ……Be careful about always posting about your lows that sometimes come with being single, there are people lurking for someone who appears to be vulnerable during their single season! TRUST ME I KNOW!
  3. You have to teach people how to treat you. But make sure you are holding yourself to the same standards! YOU must respect your own time, space and energy.
  4. How you handle people who mistreat you speaks more on your character then it does theirs. (Let God handle them sis!)
  5. The enemy will distract what he can’t destroy.(Stay focused and maximize your time!)

I hope these 5 gems help you a little, and as I continue to learn more, I’ll definitely be sharing them with you! Have an awesome week!



Jessica Jená

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