Don’t Settle!

On an earlier episode of the “Dear Sister” Podcast I discussed the importance of being careful with who and what you entertain during your season of  “feeling lonely”. It is very important to press into God during your season of feeling lonely, trying to get over a heartbreak, season of waiting, etc.. With God’s help you will eventually get to a place where you feel content and the things and people you once entertained will try to resurface and you’ll ask yourself “what in the world was I thinking?” You have to be very careful with what you eat when you’re hungry. Your appetite is always different when you’re hungry vs. when you’re full!  It is my prayer that in this season we will get full off of the right things. I was asking God to help me to not miss out on a godly thing because of settling for a good thing. You’re purpose, future and other people are depending on you to not settle during this season. I know the period when you’re waiting to see physically what you already saw spiritually can be very frustrating but keep trusting God’s timing.  I pray that God continues to grace each of us as we go through this preparation season. This season is necessary but whatever you do DON’T SETTLE!

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