Dear Sister: Keep Pushing!

Hey sis! I don’t know about you, but the past week and a half have been hectic! Last week, I started back to work and begin prepping for my new set of babies to arrive this week. As I sat through meetings and begin to think about all of the responsibilities piling up on my plate I became overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed at the thought of how I was going to be able to balance being a teacher, third semester ED.S student, and still walk in what God told me to do.  All of these thoughts and worries took over me. I’ll admit I had a five minute pity party for myself, cried and then prayed about it.   But ever since then, God has been dropping little gems in my spirit that I wanted to share with you.

  1. Focus less on your weaknesses and more on God’s strength, which is made perfect in your weakness.
  2. In this season, you may have to do the same thing in a different way! (Strategy) 
  3. Don’t miss out on what you desire because you settle for what’s available.
  4. Someone is depending on you to keep pushing
  5. Pray and ask God for balance.
  6. Shift your perspective.

Whatever you do sis, keep pushing! It’ll be worth it in the long run! I’m learning to lean more on God’s strength and less on my own. No matter what the enemy may try to make you think is too much, God will grace you to complete everything that He needs you to complete. He will give you the resources, people, strategy, and energy to carry out what He has assigned you to do!




Jessica Jená

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