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Dear Sister: You are that woman!

      On the way to work this morning, I did my morning prayer. But today’s morning prayer took me another route.  I found myself praying for the women that God has assigned to me, this blog and the Dear Sister Podcast. One thing that I realized a long time ago is that my messages won’t be for every woman.  It use to get to me and it was to the point I would try to hold myself to an imaginary standard of perfection. But one day, I decided to be completely myself and it has gotten me further than trying to be “Ms. Perfect”.

Truth is…… I’ve been hurt, I’ve hurt people, I’ve been celibate over and over again a billion times, I’ve been selfish, I’ve been a bad friend, I’ve been in an abusive situation and I’ve used my body for temporary moments of affection and attention. The list could go on and on, but the things that the enemy tried to used to count me out, God used for my good.

So now, I know who my purpose is for. It’s for women who have or will experience what I’ve been through. It is also for the women who are going through what I’m going through now. I wanted to remind you that, you are that woman sis! What do I mean by that woman? You are that woman that God will use to deliver people from their broken places. You are that woman that God will use to draw others closer to him. You are that woman whose mistakes can’t and won’t count her out. You are that woman that deserves her time, energy, space, love, attention and efforts respected. You are that woman who will smash every goal she sets for herself! Sis you are that woman and don’t you dare allow anyone to treat you less than that! Not even yourself!

So don’t let anyone talk you out of pursuing what God has for you. Don’t allow your past mistakes, failures or setbacks stop you from going after all that God has in store for you! Keep seeking him! Keep trusting him!


Jessica Jená

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