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Dear Sister: Who’s Sitting At Your Table?

Sis, have you ever stopped to ask yourself “who sits at my table?” Not at a literal table of course but who do you allow close access to you and certain aspects of your life? For so long I allowed the wrong people to have seats at my table and I was always trying to include these people in my journey.  I gave them sneak peeks at projects I was working on, while I found out about their projects with the rest of the world. I was starting to realize certain people would share their other friends posts but wouldn’t share mine. I peeped a lot of things that had me looking at a few people sideways. But one Wednesday at bible study, Pastor Sims gave me a revelation that I definitely needed! He said “just because someone has a particular seat at your table doesn’t necessarily mean that you have that seat at their table.” I could of ran laps around church that night! Ever since that night I have intentionally been reevaluating who sits at my table and one of two things have happened. Either people lost their seat at the table or I reposition their location at the table.  It’s not always that we have to cut people off but rather we need to just put them in their proper place. For so long, I would give people certain seats and then get upset because I expected them to give me that same access. Truth is, everyone wasn’t raised like you, everyone hasn’t had the same life experiences as you and at the end of the day everyone doesn’t have the same heart as you! This is the season to start putting people in their proper place! So today sis, pray and ask God to reveal to you anyone at your table who needs a different seat and who just needs to get up from the table all together!


Jessica Jená

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