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Dear Sister: Level Up!

Sis! I don’t know about you but one of my new favorite songs to listen to is Level Up by Ciara. I literally find myself practicing the routine on a daily. The lyrics of this song speak to the place I’m at in life right now.  Every time that I need an extra boost, I listen to that song and it’s actually apart of my “When I forget who I am” playlist which you can download here! “When I Forget Who I Am” Playlist

In this season, it’s literally time to level up ladies! It’s time to break old habits, cut off the wrong people, walk in purpose, and walk like you know who you are! After listening to Level Up a few times I began to think of some ways that I’ve been leveling up:

1. Cut off anybody that’s just taking up space.
2.Cleaned out my call log and text threads.
3. Changed my diet.
4. Utilize Google and Youtube.
5. Working on my mindset.
6. Allow God to lead and I follow.
7. Took the first step.

Make sure you tune in to Monday’s episode of the Dear Sister podcast to hear me break each of these things down. Until then, comment and let us know how you have been leveling up in this season!

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